The Portsmouth Cathedral

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There are many beautiful buildings in Portsmouth: the Royal Garrison Church, the Southsea Castle, the Spinnaker Tower and others. One of the most beautiful buildings in Old Portsmouth is The Cathedral Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury, commonly known as Portsmouth Cathedral.
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It was built in 12th century (so nobody knows who the cathedral was designed by) and rebuilt in 17-18th because its tower was ruined during English Civil War. The tower with a lantern inside was used as a lighthouse.
The cathedral is the light grey-colored cruciform building with the high square tower with a clock on its southern wall.
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There is a ship-shaped weathercock on the top of the tower. The bronze west doors which are decorated with the tree of life are the formal entrance, but really visitors come into the cathedral through the southern side door.
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The cathedral is glorious and very cozy inside at the same time. There are big windows and high massive columns, and tiny red chairs, too. The architectural design is very clear and simple inside with its white, light grey and golden colors. Next to the southern door there is a model of a fishing boat.
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The view from the cathedral tower must be fantastic because you could see Old Portsmouth, and Southsea, and seashore… unfortunately, I don’t know, whether the visitors are allowed to go upstairs or not.
It is free to go in but you can donate money if you want.

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