Check yourselves, part 2

король под горой
разбежавшись, прыгну со скалы (с)
Pick the option that best matches each sentence. There might be more than one option.
Try not to use dictionaries!

1. So long!
a) So this is goodbye, right?
b) Is it Wagner?
c) Is it as long as you say?

2. What did you do in the first class?
a) The teacher talked about physics and gave us an overview of what we’ll be covering.
b) The students told the teacher their names.
c) I don’t remember, I was what, 6 years old?

3. It’s my peculiarity.
a) I am perfectly normal, excepr for the second head.
b) It’s my thing.
c) It’s something that makes me special.

4. He is not really adequate.
a) He is kind of crazy.
b) He is kind of nasty.
c) I need more people on my team, one guy is not enough.

5.What’s my task.
a) Your destiny can be your doom.
b) You really need to write down your homework assignments!
c) Stamp these envelopes and address them. Tell me when you’re done.

6. She called to me.
a) She’s got a phone.
b) She’s got magic powers.
c) I’m writing poetry, all the way back in the 19th century.

1-a; 2-a,b; 3-a; 4-c; 5-c,a; 6-b,c.

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2012-08-06 в 18:33 

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD

2012-09-24 в 03:03 

Oh, you got me ))) At first I was like 'Is my English so pathetic, or am I just plain stupid?' ))) It took a couple more questions to understand ))))

PS I still don't get the 1-a (isn't it supposed to be 'hi' like 'long time no see'... or is it about simply waiting for too long?) I liked the Wagner one though ))) LOL

2012-09-24 в 14:50 

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Scinta, "so long" actually means "good bye"

2012-09-24 в 16:58 

король под горой
разбежавшись, прыгну со скалы (с)
Scinta, and if we want to say something like b) and c) we should use "that" instead of "so".

2012-09-30 в 13:42 

Shinmaya aka Fred, thanks ))) my bad )))

король под горой, thank you, but I'm not real sure, that if smbd is complaining they will start their howling with "That long!" I think they just might say "It's so long I'm dying here!!" That's what I'd do. But that's just me :p
And I do think that almost the only way to use "That long" is when we are given exact or at least approxiate size or time or whatever. Like:
- It lasts for 3 bloody hours!
- (Is it) THAT LONG??? (I'd say "So much?" here, but I think both cases may apply)
- Is it really that long since I did this?

Btw I have never heard of a "That long as" expression. Am I missing smth here?

(I'm not talking about "Ain't that long" or "That stupid long story he told us" cases though)

Proove me wrong, I'm here to study after all, so no hard feelings ))) Am I not boring you to death yet? If so, I'm sorry, that's my grammar nazi-ness speaking )))))

2012-10-10 в 18:06 

король под горой
разбежавшись, прыгну со скалы (с)
Scinta, "That long" can be a fragment of a phrase by implication, like "We'll stay there for 3 hours. - That long?!" Exactly as your example. When you want to say "so" use "that" =) And definitely there is no such thing as "That long as".