2012-03-13 в 06:34 

keep moving forward
Probably, it's about the most enjoyable ways to study English every day? :)

2012-03-13 в 10:42 

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
yeah cool! it is!
now can you think of any interesting ways of doing it?

2012-03-13 в 11:07 

Be Happy!
Or just about learning English =)

2012-03-13 в 13:03 

keep moving forward
Shinmaya aka Fred, well, I use one interesting method which is very effective for me to learn new words. I put on my own wordbook and choose from 10 to 15 words which I think I need to keep in mind. The next step is to make long sentences using these words. After that, I write a translation of them. Then, I will read these sentences with translation everyday.
By the way, it's better to write something on interesting topics, like you, Fred, write texts about slash. The last sentenses I've made was about my OTP - Jedward band... And so on. :)
That's perfect way to remember words for me.
P.S. So many words xDD

2012-03-13 в 15:04 

magnificence of anything
Some people give and forgive and some people get and forget...
I think this text about mutual aids to learning English language.


Loony English!!!