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So... We had a very serious question at the lesson today.

Can Ironman piss in his costume?

So... What's your opinion?

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Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Can you guess what the text is about?

Wordle: english2

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Idiom of the day (from englishclub.com)

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I really like this site because it contains a lot of materials updated daily.
Really, check it out www.englishclub.com/

Today I wanna share this nice idiom with you.

(your) heart isn't in it

Meaning: If your heart isn't in something you're doing, you don't really want to do it.

For example:

Ali was studying to be a doctor, but his heart wasn't in it so he decided to follow his real dream and study film-making instead.

We could tell that Sally's heart wasn't in it when she tried singing jazz, so we said she should stick to pop songs.

Quick Quiz:
She's doing the photo shoot to promote her book, but her heart isn't in it. She looks

a) quite happy
b) really bored
c) very funny

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Level of English

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How will you describe your level of English?
Please, take part in the vote!

If you don't know your level, you can take a placement test here:

Вопрос: My level is...
1. Beginner 
5  (5%)
2. Elementary 
19  (19%)
3. Pre-Intermediate 
16  (16%)
4. Intermediate 
21  (21%)
5. Upper-Intermediate 
17  (17%)
6. Advanced 
11  (11%)
7. Proficiency 
3  (3%)
8. I don't know my level 
8  (8%)
Всего: 100

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By the way, if you`d like to ask a question or to set a topic for a chat, feel free to add new posts to this community. As long as the posts are connected with English, it's OK.

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Your fav character [IN ENGLISH ONLY!!!]

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Ok, now let's talk about your favorite characters from books, movies, series, anime... whatever... )))

Tell me about one character, that you totally adore... like... WORSHIP! OK?

Where is he/she from. When did you first see him/her? Describe the personality, habits, job, relationships etc.
The more you tell us, the better! Who knows, may be some new people will come to your fandom?
Don't forget to add a photo!

So... I`ll start then...

Right now I`m obsessed with this man. I guess, you recognize him, don't you?

His name's Sherlock Holmes and he is the best consulting detective EVER! Frankly speaking, the only one!
I like the idea of Sherlock living in the 21st century cause the series is absolutely fabulous with lots of gay jokes about Sherlock and John. I love John, too, by the way. He's so cute and adorable, I can't help admiring him!

So... Sherlock... We can't call him handsome, though he is incredibly charismatic, sometimes even charming. He's quite tall and slim, and he's got such pretty curly dark hair. I love his curls! I`m also in love with his awesome prominent cheekbones and this stern look when he's thinking about the case.

I also love his character. Sherlock is a self-confident genius (well... may be he shows off a little too much... but Watson likes it anyway), and energetic when it comes to cracking a case. He can also be rather introverted and unsociable when he's got nothing to do. I like the way his eyes flash, when a sudden revelation comes to him and he feels that he's close to solving a mystery.

All in all, he's absolutely adorable and I recommend all of you to watch this fascinating series. You won't regret it!!!

Here are some useful words for you:

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Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
That would be the first task.

Can you tell me something about yourself? You can use the following plan for help:

Favourite food
Favourite book and movie
What do you usually do in your free time?
Any other things you wish to share... :)


My name`s Anna and I`m 25. I teach English which is also my hobby. I love studying foreign languages. That's why I study Japanese and French. I`m also an Internet-addict. Can't do anything about is so far.
In my free time I usually surf the web or read some slashy fic... he-he.
I`ve got a lot of books which I adore, but I think the one and only is The Lord of the Rings. Yeah. As for the movie... Right now it`s probably 'Judas Kiss' with Richard Harmon and Brent Corrigan.
I`m happily married and we`ve got two adorable cats.
That's it.

* addict - зависимый (ex. - porn-addict, crack-addict, slash-addict etc.)
more useful words and expressions

if you add the words 'check please!!!' I`ll underline all the mistakes in your text so you can work on them :)

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Loony English!!!