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Hey, everyone!
It's been a while, though it's so nice to see new people here!

I know that lots of you are aiming at taking all kinds of exams (Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL etc). I specialize in Cambridge and IELTS, so this is the post with different useful links that'll help you prepare for Cambridge exams. I will be making another post about IELTS, when I have time.

Here's the official site about Cambridge exams. You can find all info about the exam you're interested in as well as recommendations on preparation and sample papers. Do check them out! It's very important that you're familiar with the up-to-date format of exam!

When it comes to materials for preparation, this site is number ONE to go to:

Here's a very interesting blog about CAE. You should totally check it out.

Here's abother blog about FCE. Do visit it, if you're interested in taking this exam.

Here's a bunch of useful FCE websites. Surf them. They're cool.

Not many people take CPE, but there are some resources on this exam, as well:

Also, remember, that starting with this year 2014 the formats of FCE and CPE changed (now they've got combined Reading and Use of English part) and the same fate awaits CAE in 2015.
So, the newer your student's book for preparation is, the better!

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