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Запись лекции по изучению английского, которую я читал в Высшей Школе Экономики на 7-м Московском Фестивале Иностранных Языков.


Можно смотреть на Ютубе, но там как-то по-дурацки растянули ее.

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Lend vs borrow

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Today we have an idiom. :)
A very interesting one for holidays but still. Enjoy.

work your socks off
work your tail off

Meaning: If you work your socks off, or work your tail off, you work very hard.

For example:

We had to get the job finished by Friday, so we worked our socks off to get it done on time.

The sales team worked their tails off this quarter, and they've managed to beat the record for first-quarter sales figures.

Quick Quiz:

His exam's on Monday, so Paul will have to work his socks off if he:
a) wants to cheat
b) wants to pass
c) doesn't want to pass

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Who do you ship?

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Let's talk about your favourite pairings, shall we?

There're going to be some fandom slang expressions here, if you don't get the meaning just ask.

And I`ll start with them:

So they're Dean and Castiel from Supernatural and I ship them so hard (intensively) because they just give me the feels (make me very emotional about) I can't handle. It's pretty much the best love story I've ever seen unfolding on the screen, and yes, they are SO canon (you can also use 'so' before verbs, espesially with Present Continuous) and they're SO gonna (= going to) to kiss at the end of season 8!

I like this pairing just because the story very carefully shows us how Cas falls in love with Dean and then falls from Heaven to protect him. And Dean doesn't return the feeling at first, but then very slowly, little by little starts to let Castiel into his life, risking his life for him, etc-etc... until he falls in love big time (very-very-very deeply)! But Dean obviously isn't ready to be out and proud (accept one's homo- or bisexuality openly) yet. But I hope he will! And Cas will be there for him.

So, guys, tell me about your favourite pairing, will you? Not only slash, any you like, actually.

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I know what you did this summer!

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Hey guys! Sorry for such a long pause!

September is coming to its end already but I can't stop thinking about summer which was so brief and short. So...

Let's talk about SUMMER!!! What was it like? Have you had any unusual experiences? As for me, I've taught pre-school children and I've run my first teacher training programme ever! So it's been all work and no rest for me.

But I hope your summer went a lot better!

I'm waiting for your comments, guys! )))

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TeacherPhil: How to speak English fast.

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Something cool from Teacher Phil.
I'm a huge fan of his. Watch and enjoy!

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keep moving forward
Фред, и остальные участники сообщества тоже, помогите мне пожалуйста с одной ситуацией :)
У меня уровень pre-intermediate to intermediate, и я ищу интересные упражнения на listening для подготовки к ЕГЭ, которые я буду закидывать в плеер и слушать-слушать-слушать, а потом их же начитывать для себя вслух. Собственно, это мне поможет как в облегчении с заданиями на листенинг, так и в фонетике, в произношении, и в том числе для пополнения словарного запаса.
Я буду очень и очень признательна, если кто-то скинет мне ссылки именно на скачивание аудио-файлов (а не на прослушивание онлайн, как на многих сайтах, которые я просмотрела), и чтобы к аудио прилагались тексты, которые я смогла бы читать:)
Было бы великолепно, если бы тексты были интересными и познавательными, а не скучными, вроде очередного рассуждения на тему "You are going to buy a new car?" или "I think, French is more interesting then English..." Может, темы такие пусть будут, но поданы интереснее, а то тошнит уже от слушания одного и того же :)
Благодарю заранее )

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Your fav character [IN ENGLISH ONLY!!!]

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Ok, now let's talk about your favorite characters from books, movies, series, anime... whatever... )))

Tell me about one character, that you totally adore... like... WORSHIP! OK?

Where is he/she from. When did you first see him/her? Describe the personality, habits, job, relationships etc.
The more you tell us, the better! Who knows, may be some new people will come to your fandom?
Don't forget to add a photo!

So... I`ll start then...

Right now I`m obsessed with this man. I guess, you recognize him, don't you?

His name's Sherlock Holmes and he is the best consulting detective EVER! Frankly speaking, the only one!
I like the idea of Sherlock living in the 21st century cause the series is absolutely fabulous with lots of gay jokes about Sherlock and John. I love John, too, by the way. He's so cute and adorable, I can't help admiring him!

So... Sherlock... We can't call him handsome, though he is incredibly charismatic, sometimes even charming. He's quite tall and slim, and he's got such pretty curly dark hair. I love his curls! I`m also in love with his awesome prominent cheekbones and this stern look when he's thinking about the case.

I also love his character. Sherlock is a self-confident genius (well... may be he shows off a little too much... but Watson likes it anyway), and energetic when it comes to cracking a case. He can also be rather introverted and unsociable when he's got nothing to do. I like the way his eyes flash, when a sudden revelation comes to him and he feels that he's close to solving a mystery.

All in all, he's absolutely adorable and I recommend all of you to watch this fascinating series. You won't regret it!!!

Here are some useful words for you:

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