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Интересный видосик про инверсию.

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD

Idiom: How do you like them apples?

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Just a little task for you people.
Watch this extract:

Now can you tell me what does the idiom mean?

How do you like them apples?

Don't google first, try to guess. Let these questions help you:

What does Will show to the guy in the cafe?
Whose number do you think it is?
Why is Will showing the guy this number?

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I fuckin` love grammar! I fuckin` love vocabulary! I fuckin` love idioms! OMG I fuckin` love ENGLISH!!!
Hello, my dear virtual class!

Цоба Кин
Жених Метерлинка

Дальше по-русски, поскольку у вас всех реально разный уровень, и мне нужно быть уверенным, что все все понимают на 100%
Если вы читаете этот пост, значит подписались участвовать в проекте, о котором несравненный Том Хатчинсон (о, если б вы знали, как я обожаю этого мужика! он крут, крут, безбожно КРУТ) рассказывает здесь:

Если вы на этот проект подписались, значит, суть в принципе уловили. Но на всякий случай я поясню: суть конкурса состоит в том, что преподаватель курирует проект класса, который должен представлять собой постер на тему Communication in the 21st century - Общение/средства коммуникации 21-м веке.
Постер должен быть либо реальный, либо виртуальный. Так как класс у нас виртуальный, то и постер будем делать тоже виртуальный с помощью вот этого сервиса:

Пока что никому из вас там регистрироваться НЕ НАДО! Все это сделаю я, добавлю вас в свой виртуальный класс, но чуть позднее.

А пока просто скажу, что глогстер - это сервис, в котором можно создать виртуальный постер, включающий в себя тексты, графику и даже видео. Так что возможности поистине огромные.

Времени у нас есть до конца февраля, т.е. ровно 3 месяца. Но вообще моя цель - закончить проект и загрузить его на сайт к началу февраля, так что давайте будем рассчитывать на 2 месяца.
Все-таки 2 месяца на то, чтобы сделать постер, имхо, вполне достаточно.

За декабрь нам нужно определиться с концептом (основной идеей постера), а в январе его выполнить.

Итак, с сегодняшнего дня (30.11.13) и до 7.12.13 объявляю НЕДЕЛЮ МОЗГОВОГО ШТУРМА!
В комментариях ожидаю от вас идеи на тему того, что можно на этом форуме забабахать.
По правилам мозгового штурма принимаются ЛЮБЫЕ идеи. Потом уже решим, как с ними быть ;)

Обсуждение давайте вести на русском (учитывая разный уровень подготовки студентов), но весь материал постера (какие-то конкретные темы, тексты, заголовки итп) должен быть только на английском.

P.S. если кто-то из участников сообщества хочет подключиться к обсуждению - всегда пожалуйста. Но, к сожалению, в проект я больше никого взять не могу из-за ограничений на сервисе глогстер.


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This is Halloween...

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
This is Halloween...


Are you ready for the horrors of the night?
So you know who dwells in the dark ready to seize you any moment?
Check out this Halloween Monster Book:


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Go, Iceland!

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
In short it's like this:

Here's a bit of a longer story:

read more

This kinda makes me wanna applaud to Iceland.
What about you? What do you think?

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Learner styles!

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Hey! It's been a while!

So, today we're going to talk a bit about different learner styles.
In fact, there are many ways to classify them. But for today let's talk about three particular:


So what do these mean?

If you have a Visual learner style, it means that the main way of getting information for you is through looking at different visual stimuli (texts, pictures, graphs, charts, tables, etc.).

If you have an Auditory learner style, it means that your preferred way of getting information is through audio channels: listening to people talks, music, radio, podcasts, etc.

If you are a Kinesthetic learner, it means that you learn better if any kind of movement is involved, For example, it would be much easier for you to memorise a poem if you walk around the room rather than just sit at your desk.

Why is it important to know your own learner style? Research has shown that students can perform better on tests if they change study habits to fit their own personal learning styles. And as a teacher, I find this information extremely valuable, because if I know my students' learner styles, I can select and organize learning material to suit their preferred style and thus foster quicker and more enjoyable learning.

However, people with one purely dominating learner style are rare. Usually we have a combination of two complementing styles. Here I suggest a test to help you identify your preferred styles so that you can use them to your benefit!

Just download the photo and follow the instructions:

And don't forget to comment about your results! ;)

Also, here's where you can read more about this topic if I got you interested:

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Who do you ship?

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Let's talk about your favourite pairings, shall we?

There're going to be some fandom slang expressions here, if you don't get the meaning just ask.

And I`ll start with them:

So they're Dean and Castiel from Supernatural and I ship them so hard (intensively) because they just give me the feels (make me very emotional about) I can't handle. It's pretty much the best love story I've ever seen unfolding on the screen, and yes, they are SO canon (you can also use 'so' before verbs, espesially with Present Continuous) and they're SO gonna (= going to) to kiss at the end of season 8!

I like this pairing just because the story very carefully shows us how Cas falls in love with Dean and then falls from Heaven to protect him. And Dean doesn't return the feeling at first, but then very slowly, little by little starts to let Castiel into his life, risking his life for him, etc-etc... until he falls in love big time (very-very-very deeply)! But Dean obviously isn't ready to be out and proud (accept one's homo- or bisexuality openly) yet. But I hope he will! And Cas will be there for him.

So, guys, tell me about your favourite pairing, will you? Not only slash, any you like, actually.

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Check yourselves

король под горой
разбежавшись, прыгну со скалы (с)
Pick the option that best matches each sentence. There might be more than one option.
Try not to use dictionaries!

1. He had a problem with his pupil.
a) He had a problem with his student.
b) He needed an eye doctor.
c) He had a problem with his dog.

2. Say when!
a) Tell me when it’s going to happen.
b) Tell me when your glass is full.
c) Say the word when.

3. How is he called?
a) I just shout.
b) Jonathan, but his friends call him Buddy.
c) There is a special ritual. Don’t try this at home.

4. He was late for 5 minutes.
a) He died, but came to life 5 minutes later.
b) He was supposed to be there at 6 sharp but he came in 6.05.
c) He was late at first, but only for 5 minutes, when he magically turned back time and was no longer late.

5. This is dog.
a) We’re talking about Labrodors.
b) We’re talking about Korean food.
c) You don’t want to know.

6. It was the third course.
a) Ahh, college…
b) Aahh, dinner…
c) Ahhh, there was a third option! What do you mean, tertium non datur?

the right answers

copyright by westley.ru

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Your fav character [IN ENGLISH ONLY!!!]

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
Ok, now let's talk about your favorite characters from books, movies, series, anime... whatever... )))

Tell me about one character, that you totally adore... like... WORSHIP! OK?

Where is he/she from. When did you first see him/her? Describe the personality, habits, job, relationships etc.
The more you tell us, the better! Who knows, may be some new people will come to your fandom?
Don't forget to add a photo!

So... I`ll start then...

Right now I`m obsessed with this man. I guess, you recognize him, don't you?

His name's Sherlock Holmes and he is the best consulting detective EVER! Frankly speaking, the only one!
I like the idea of Sherlock living in the 21st century cause the series is absolutely fabulous with lots of gay jokes about Sherlock and John. I love John, too, by the way. He's so cute and adorable, I can't help admiring him!

So... Sherlock... We can't call him handsome, though he is incredibly charismatic, sometimes even charming. He's quite tall and slim, and he's got such pretty curly dark hair. I love his curls! I`m also in love with his awesome prominent cheekbones and this stern look when he's thinking about the case.

I also love his character. Sherlock is a self-confident genius (well... may be he shows off a little too much... but Watson likes it anyway), and energetic when it comes to cracking a case. He can also be rather introverted and unsociable when he's got nothing to do. I like the way his eyes flash, when a sudden revelation comes to him and he feels that he's close to solving a mystery.

All in all, he's absolutely adorable and I recommend all of you to watch this fascinating series. You won't regret it!!!

Here are some useful words for you:

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Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently------->StarpunkD
That would be the first task.

Can you tell me something about yourself? You can use the following plan for help:

Favourite food
Favourite book and movie
What do you usually do in your free time?
Any other things you wish to share... :)


My name`s Anna and I`m 25. I teach English which is also my hobby. I love studying foreign languages. That's why I study Japanese and French. I`m also an Internet-addict. Can't do anything about is so far.
In my free time I usually surf the web or read some slashy fic... he-he.
I`ve got a lot of books which I adore, but I think the one and only is The Lord of the Rings. Yeah. As for the movie... Right now it`s probably 'Judas Kiss' with Richard Harmon and Brent Corrigan.
I`m happily married and we`ve got two adorable cats.
That's it.

* addict - зависимый (ex. - porn-addict, crack-addict, slash-addict etc.)
more useful words and expressions

if you add the words 'check please!!!' I`ll underline all the mistakes in your text so you can work on them :)

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