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Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently
Anyone up for a nice discussion?

Choose any topic and write a comment stating your opinion about it.

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Lateral Thinking Puzzles.

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently
Today I give you some lateral thinking puzzles. These are logical riddles that require out of the box thinking.

In the comment section you can write the number of the puzzle and your idea of a solution :) Or you can answer yes/no questions about the situations, and I will answer :)
Of course, you can also click the links below and find all the answers there, but where's the fun in that?

1. You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.
2. An old friend who once saved your life.
3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Knowing that there can only be one passenger in your car, whom would you choose? There is a way to make everybody happy. What is it?

2. Acting on an anonymous phone call, the police raid a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don't know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is inside the house. The police bust in on a carpenter, a lorry driver, a mechanic and a fireman all playing poker. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman. How do they know they've got their man?

3. A man lives in the penthouse of an apartment building. Every morning he takes the elevator down to the lobby and leaves the building. Upon his return, however, he can only travel halfway up in the lift and has to walk the rest of the way - unless it's raining. What is the explanation for this?

4. How could a baby fall out of a twenty-story building onto the ground and live?

5. Bad Boy Bubby was warned by his mother never to open the cellar door or he would see things that he was not meant to see. One day while his mother was out he did open the cellar door. What did he see?

6. A man and his son are in a car crash. The father is killed and the child is taken to hospital gravely injured. When he gets there, the surgeon says, 'I can't operate on this boy - for he is my son!!!' How can this possibly be?

7. There are six eggs in the basket. Six people each take one of the eggs. How can it be that one egg is left in the basket?


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Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

д-р Мюррей
Адам вовсе не читал комиксов. Им было далеко до того, что творилось в его голове (с)

Word order in adjective rows

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently
The use of adjectives is essential when trying to describe a noun or pronoun. Good writers and speakers are able to use adjectives to create clear, mental images for the reader or listener. As you continue to work on your English, don’t be afraid to use multiple adjectives to describe something. Using more than three physically descriptive type adjectives in sequence to describe one noun or pronoun would sound a little awkward. When using multiple adjectives in a sequence, you must be aware of the correct adjective order. The proper order of adjectives is listed below along with some examples for each category.

Determiners – a, an, the, my, your, several, etc.
Observations – lovely, boring, stimulating, etc.
Size – tiny, small, huge, etc.
Shape – round, square, rectangular, etc.
Age – old, new, ancient, etc.
Color – red, blue, green, etc.
Origin – British, American, Mexican, etc.
Material – gold, copper, silk, etc.
Qualifier – limiters for compound nouns.

Here are some examples:

"The interesting, small, rectangular, blue car is parked in my space."
"I bought a beautiful, long, red, Italian, silk tie."
"My father lives in a lovely, gigantic, ancient, brick house."
"I have an annoying, small, circular, American, tin, alarm clock that wakes me up."
"Let’s order a delicious, huge, rectangular, pepperoni pizza."
"We all love our smart, petite, British teacher."
"They all received several dazzling, small, ancient, gold coins."
"She owns a stunning, large, old, brown dog named Boris."

By Thomas Williams, teacher at EC San Diego English school
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May vs Might

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

Exercises for writing business letters.

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

How language affects our thinking and the look on life

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently
Here's a very interesting article (it's in Russian, though) about how our native language affect the way our brain thinks. Some really cool theories are discussed there.


What about you? Do you agree with the ideas, suggested by the article or not?
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Idioms about mood and attitude

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently
Everything's cool – Все здорово;
I couldn't care less – Мне совершенно безразлично;
I had a complete fit – Меня не на шутку разозлили;
I haven't got a care in the world – Меня ничто не тревожит;
I'm having a really peachy time – Я превосходно провожу время;
I'm on cloud nine – Это просто блаженство;
I'm really buzzing – У меня все просто здорово;
I'm totally over the moon – Я безумно счастлив;
I'm walking on air – Я на седьмом небе от счастья;
I've had the week from hell – У меня была ужасная неделя;
She blew her top – У нее крыша поехала;
She threw a wobbly – Она не в себе;
The fur's been flying – Начались серьезные разногласия;
There's a bad vibe round here – Здесь плохая атмосфера;
We've made it up – Мы все уладили.

source: vk.com/eng007

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Dolphins help the fishermen catch fish.

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

things we DO

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

Do research - Провести исследование
Do the best - выложиться на все 100
Do time - сидеть в тюрьме
Do a service - оказать услугу
Do the homework - сделать уроки
Do a job - выполнить работу
Do the dishes - вымыть посуду
Do exercise - упражняться
Do a favour - сделать одолжение
Do business - заниматься бизнесом

Утащено отсюда: vk.com/lazyenglish

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Dumb ways to die

д-р Мюррей
Адам вовсе не читал комиксов. Им было далеко до того, что творилось в его голове (с)
I think it's ultimately need for all of us!

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Some cool slang

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently

The Portsmouth Cathedral

д-р Мюррей
Адам вовсе не читал комиксов. Им было далеко до того, что творилось в его голове (с)
There are many beautiful buildings in Portsmouth: the Royal Garrison Church, the Southsea Castle, the Spinnaker Tower and others. One of the most beautiful buildings in Old Portsmouth is The Cathedral Church of St. Thomas of Canterbury, commonly known as Portsmouth Cathedral.
Изображение - savepic.org — сервис хранения изображений
It was built in 12th century (so nobody knows who the cathedral was designed by) and rebuilt in 17-18th because its tower was ruined during English Civil War. The tower with a lantern inside was used as a lighthouse.
The cathedral is the light grey-colored cruciform building with the high square tower with a clock on its southern wall.
Изображение - savepic.org — сервис хранения изображений
There is a ship-shaped weathercock on the top of the tower. The bronze west doors which are decorated with the tree of life are the formal entrance, but really visitors come into the cathedral through the southern side door.
Изображение - savepic.org — сервис хранения изображений
The cathedral is glorious and very cozy inside at the same time. There are big windows and high massive columns, and tiny red chairs, too. The architectural design is very clear and simple inside with its white, light grey and golden colors. Next to the southern door there is a model of a fishing boat.
Изображение - savepic.org — сервис хранения изображений
The view from the cathedral tower must be fantastic because you could see Old Portsmouth, and Southsea, and seashore… unfortunately, I don’t know, whether the visitors are allowed to go upstairs or not.
It is free to go in but you can donate money if you want.

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Loony rhymes)

д-р Мюррей
Адам вовсе не читал комиксов. Им было далеко до того, что творилось в его голове (с)
A sly old troll (his name was Sol)
Lived in the Royal Albert Hall.
He wore a mantle which he once stole
And mischief was his only goal.
He sang his obscene songs at night
And made his water by moonlight;
He never washed his dirty skin
And threw picked bones at the Queen.
She was quite fed up with this troll
And called the famous hunter Cole.
“Bang!” – said the hunter’s lovely gun.
The troll fell down, he couldn’t run.
The end was quick and very sad:
For now this troll is very dead.

Shinmaya aka Fred, thanks for your help! ;)



A real grammar-nazi video

Shinmaya aka Fred -------> Dirk_Gently
A student of mine shared this video with me and it's hilarious!

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Loony English!!!